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Mountains in Clouds


Put simply, Radical digs deeper and deploys senior people where others might use consultants or researchers.   


We listen hard to the leaders to understand critically where we can help. We access information in the media and the public domain. We explore the mass of data invariably held within client organisations yet often owned in different departments. We talk, using bespoke approaches, to all sorts of people within our clients’ organisations. We dig deeply with peers and competitors until finally - as the maxim goes – the organisation ‘confesses its strengths’. We cross-check our emerging hypotheses, collaborating with client leaders in constructive dialogue; and we go quietly amongst high-level stakeholder groups. 


Systematically we build, test and refine the case for change, knowing always that it can only be realised once shared and owned completely by the leadership coalition. That is often the culmination of our formal process - one that, by design, captures imaginations and enables the organisation and its leadership to take the world with it.


Going back to the beginning, the start-point is forging a bond of trust with the CEO and the team. The stakes are high. We invest as necessary to ensure the bases of intention and integrity of approach are sound and understood. 


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