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Concrete Building


2021 assignments are bound by confidentiality agreements. The examples here are from the nineties and noughties before Tim Lefroy left to take on the Advertising Association.


In the private sector they include: 


Helping the challenger stock market, Nasdaq, break through against the giant NYSE & LSE for IPO listings in European & Asian financial centres 


 New segmentation and communications for retailer Dorothy Perkins, rediscovering its core customer groups and driving performance under Stuart Rose 


 Leading the £65BN Investment Trust sector in a £30m campaign to reinvent its category


 In the public domain, safeguarding workplace lives is the mission of the UK Health & Safety body, just as projecting UK soft power is in the DNA of the British Council. Both imperatives gained from Radical’s research-led refocusing, as did the culture and leadership of their organisations


Radical also helped the visionary CEO of the MOD’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency reinvent as QinetiQ - which went on to privatisation. Separately, the more sensitive labs were retained as DSTL. Both organisations thrive today.


These cases headline Radical’s own capacity as trusted outsiders and engineers of big successful change. Crucially they show the importance of client leaders with the ability to contemplate step-change and to take the world with them. This is not work for the faint-hearted.


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